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NOTICE: This RP is on hiatus until further notice. We are not accepting character applications at this time, but check back occasionally for updates on this status. Thanks.



This is Sanji-kun ( chef_of_love ), your resident love chef and moderator. Zoro-kun ( sanjuu_kenkaku ) is off taking a nap somewhere and Robin-chan ( hanahananomi ) is reading, again, so it's up to me to fill you in on the rules and such.

This is simple. I think it's the first rule everywhere... No flames. We've got enough of them in the galley, and we don't really need Zoro-kun tying on his bandana, now do we?

Stay in character. If we accept you as that character [more about that in a second] that's what we expect from you. If your Luffy starts waxing political in terms more effulgent than 'He's a good/bad person', I'll personally kick you into next week... if you're lucky, I'll get to you before Zoro-kun does.

Please no relationship biases. I mean, sure, I'm gonna hit on anything with nice hair and a swing in her step... but try and let relationships-- for better or worse-- develop by themselves, without the RP >>Hand of God<< intervening.

No god-modding. Please don't try and get away with just up and killing another character. I don't care how mad Zoro-kun gets, he isn't just gonna chop Usopp's head off with his big bad swords... Such attempts will not be tolerated. Don't even think about it. I mean it!

Out Of Character posts should be marked as such [OOC], and denoted with ((...)) bubbles.

Okay, here's a biggie. Please be up-to-date with the anime and manga. We the mods abhor the dubbed version put out in the States by 4Kids... So if that's all you've seen, and you can't get with the program and catch up to what's really going on (hell, you could just ask us...) please, steer clear. Else we'll find a way to sic the Navy Marines on you.

Your application, sent to a mod via email NOT posted to the comm, should look like the following:


Name: Sanji
Livejournal: chef_of_love

First Person

((Okay, here you would do a first person entry. Basically just an IC journal entry.))

I think today I'll make Nami-san a cake...
A sweet for my sweet...

*goes all heart eyed*

Better make back-ups just in case Luffy and Zoro-kun find them first...

Third Person

((This is more like a story snippet...))

Sanji poked his head out of the galley, looking around to make sure the coast was clear before laying the pies out on the railing. Closing the door quietly, he caught the edge of the galley roof and swung himself up onto it, keeping watch.

He crossed his legs beneath him and lit a cigarette.

No one was going to steal his pies...

No one except a certain lovely young female thief... he sighed at the thought and looked down upon his lovingly made snacks with heart shaped eyes.

They were gone.


That's it. That's all we really need. Just email it to me, Sanji or Zoro-kun, and then we'll decide whether or not to let you in...

Or rather, I decide, and Zoro-kun nods in his sleep.

Send any questions to Zoro. I'm sure he'll be more than happy to answer them... ^__^

Sanji-kun: chef_of_love (moderator)

Roronoa Zoro: sanjuu_kenkaku (moderator)

Nami-san: dorobo_nami

Monkey D. Luffy: hungry_pirate

Nico Robin: hanahananomi (moderator)

Captain Usopp: brave_captain

Tony Tony Chopper: tonokai_isshi

OC Iva: iva_onkaku

We are still taking applications for original characters, and/or minor characters. Villains welcome! Remember, Oda doesn't really kill anyone (seriously, Bellamy survived that? Eh??). Everyone is game (within reason).

RP Chat on AIM times: [as of 2/06] For the cast only~

Main RP: Sunday 8PM EST [but starting hours earlier if folks are available]
Backup: Monday 6PM EST [but starting hours earlier if folks are available]