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Roronoa Zoro

Zoro and Usopp get into trouble.

Zoro: *pulling irritably on the poorly tied necktie underneath his crooked collar...* Oi, Usopp... This /is/ the right casino, neh? *frowns and adjusts his belt, tugging at his gasp! tucked in shirt* ...because I'm really sick of asking for directions...

Usopp: *wearing normal clothes, glancing sidelong at Zoro* Anou... yeah. It's gotta be the right one. *hooks a thumb at himself* I found it, so /of course/ it is. *glances at Zoro again, brow furrowed* Ah-- Zoro... what's with the get-up? You look-- *pauses, stroking his chin, looking for the right words* -- /weird/.

Zoro: *snorts, looking away sharply, tug-tug-tugging on the tie again* Che... That stupid cook and Nami were all dolled up. *scratches the side of his nose* ... *anger clench, looking back to Usopp* You're not even wearing a shirt. *points at the really fancy looking hotel* I bet they don't even let you in.

Usopp: *crosses his arms* Heh... once they get a load of The Midnight Gambler, they'll forget about any dress-codes. *rubs his nose* Anyway... since when do you care about what Nami and Sanji do?

Zoro: *glare* Ah- *rudely shoved out of the way by several large bouncer-type men* Watch it! *sharp teeth, anger clench*

Man #1: *snorts a cloud of indignant cigar smoke through his nose, glaring down at Zoro* Watch yourself, /shortie/.

Zoro: *mouth agape, he makes several indignant choking noises, staring after the men as they disappear into the hotel* ....! *looks at Usopp- points soundlessly after the men, teeth clenched*

Usopp: *pales, grabbing at Zoro's arm* Zoro! *looks at Zoro's hip real quick* You aren't armed, right?!

Zoro: *eyes shadowed* Not yet. *grabs one of the stand-alone golden poles that holds up the velvet rope, wielding it like a club, and marches for the glass doors, dragging Usopp with him*

Usopp: *hanging from Zoro's arm, trying to pull him back [with no success], tears streaming down his face* Zoro~ ! Dooooooooon't~ ! I wanna gamble!!! *tug tug tug* You'll get us kicked out before we even get inside!! *his eyes widen suddenly and he tugs harder, lowering his voice* They'll arrest you!

Zoro: ..... *gradually comes to a halt, shaking Usopp off*

Usopp: Oof! *hits the ground*

Zoro: *sets the pole down, the velvet rope now weaving a zigzag pattern across the walkway* .... *grimaces, pulling the tie a little looser* It's the tie. Makes me stupid. *points at it* This is Sanji's.

Usopp: *sitting on the ground next to Zoro, shoulders hunched* Try to overcome it then... *pushes himself to his feet, dusting himself off* I feel the onset of my 'Can't-get-thrown-in-jail' sickness... it's rather dangerous, you know...

Zoro: *ignoring Usopp, he walks on, brow furrowed slightly in thought* ....


Attractive Lady: Welcome to the Treble Hotel! *closed eye smile, she presents a tray of tiny champagne glasses*

Zoro: *his worries vanish...* Ah... great. *takes the tray*

Attractive Lady: Ah... Anou, sir.. *kind of half steps after him, raising a hand* You can't-

Zoro: *picks up three of the little glasses, holding them between his knuckles* This place isn't so bad, Usopp. Remind me to thank Robin... *downs all three at once... frowns at the empty glasses* What is this, water?

Usopp: *blinks and nods to the woman* Don't mind him... *looks at Zoro* Zoro... /try/ to keep a low profile. Nami'll kill us if she has to bail us out.

Man in Tuxedo: Ah... *selects a glass from Zoro's tray*

Zoro: *narrows eyes* Hey. The hell you think you're doing?

Man in Tuxedo: *sweatdrop, half-walking away* Oh, my apologies... *tips Zoro*

Zoro: *blink* Hah. *holds up the money triumphantly* Nami won't /have/ to bail us out. *shoves the empty glasses Usopp's way* Oi. Go fill these up in that fountain.

Usopp: *stares at him* Zoro... that wasn't water... *looks at the glasses and then at the fountain, a slow smile spreading across his face. He gives Zoro a thumbs up* We're gonna be rich~!

Zoro: This is way better than gambling... *holds tray a little higher, cupping one hand around his mouth* Oi! Got some booze!

*general murmur of interest from the crowd... a few people approach*

Man #1: *blows smoke in Zoro's face, leaning over him* Oi. Shortie. What do you think you're doing?

Zoro: *eyebrow twitch... he slowly looks up* ...shortie?

Usopp: *humming 'Usopp No Hanamichi' to himself as he fills up the glasses in the big elaborate lobby fountain* Neh, Zoro~! This is almost Nami-level in the devious department- *turns around* Ah... *looks to the left and to the right... bounces on his toes to see over the crowd* Zoro?


Zoro: Hwah! *lands on his face, legs in the air, having been tossed bodily into the alley behind the casino*

Man #1: You're officially barred, pirate. *exhales smoke* Think of it as a favor... That money you would have lost in our casino? *slow grin as he shrugs* Use it to buy some platform boots. *slams the door*

Zoro: *scrambles to his feet, throwing himself at the big iron door* Asshole! I am not short! *tugs on the handle, growling* .... *breathes angrily through his nose, backing away from the door; brushes at his now filthy shirt and pants* Tch. Got the cook's clothes dirty. *steps back a few steps, looking up at the many stories of the hotel* ...All right. *spits on his hands, rubs them together and then takes a running leap at the wall, grabbing hold of a water pipe* Going to find that... *climb!* ...tall... *climb!* ...cigar smoking... *climb!* ...guy...! *climb!* And shove my normal sized boots right- *pauses, reaching a window sill.. he steps onto it carefully, and presses a hand to the pane, pushing up... it gives a little* Bingo.


Usopp: *discreetly looking for Zoro [or anyone] as he wanders through the casino* ... this is bad. Casinos are /dangerous/... *he stands near a wall, tray still in hand, trying to blend in with the decor, thinking: /-how could he just run off like that? ... leaving me here by myself. I could do some real damage!-/ He draws himself up, eyes closed, grinning shakily to himself*

Zoro: *lets out a sigh, leaning against the wall next to Usopp... he is filthy, and there is someone else's blood on his cheek and his shirt cuffs... he wipes at his split lip and looks askance at Usopp* Yo.

Usopp: *looks over* Ah, there you are-- *eyes widen, he drops the tray* Gah~ ! ZORO~ ! *pointing wildly at Zoro's bloodied up state* What does 'low profile' mean to you?!?

Zoro: *through his teeth* It means /not/ shrieking in the middle of the casino, baka! *eyes dart to the door... the Attractive Lady from before is talking to Man #1... she suddenly points Zoro's way* Eh? *blinkblink* Then who did I beat up?

Man #1: *starts over, cracking his knuckles loudly*

Zoro: We have to go... *gives Usopp a shove in the opposite direction* Move! Move!

Usopp: *stumbles, glancing back at Man #1* What? You don't even know who you-- *looking ahead again, smiling in relief* Ah, there's Sanji-kun! *thinks: /-he'll save me!-/* Oi, Sanji-kun~ ! *waves*

Sanji: *frowning, shoulders slumped, he glances toward Usopp... his frown settles into a glare as he spots Zoro as well* Tch... have you seen Nami-san, Usopp-san?

Zoro: What, did you /lose/ her? *glancing over his shoulder as Man #1 pushes through the crowd slowly- back to Sanji* Helluva date you are. *grin* Bet she ditched you.

Sanji: *bristles* Nami-san would never do something like that, you stupid, shitty-- *stops mid-insult, eyes narrowed* Is that my-- ? *his eye twitches* Do you have any idea how hard it is to get blood out of silk, you jackass?

Zoro: You know what? I don't. I'm not a /fop/. *lifts chin*

Usopp: Oi oi oi... guys! *cowering as a shadow falls over them*

Man #1: What the hell are you doing back in here, shortie? *puff of smoke*

Man #2: *similar to Man #1 in a lot of ways... but with a black eye and some missing teeth.. he whistles when he talks* That's the guy who jumped me. *points at Zoro*

Man #3: *points at Sanji* He hit on my wife!

Sanji: *swallows, hands raised as he backs away* She wasn't wearing a ring... or a shirt... !

Zoro and Usopp: *mouths drop as they look at Sanji* ...!

Man #1: *cracks his knuckles again* Let's see how easily you sneak back in when we've broken every bone in your three, pathetic bodies..!

Usopp: *shrinking to the ground, arms over his head* Wait a minute! Three?!

Zoro: Nngh.. *steps back, left hand closing on air at his hip; sweatdrop... he whirls on Sanji* Stupid cook! This is all your fault! No wonder Nami ditched you!

Sanji: *teeth gritted, ignoring the three bouncers* She didn't /ditch/ me, kuso-kenshin~ ! *he swings a kick at Zoro, eyes narrowed*

Zoro: *dodges!*

Sanji: *brings his foot down on a roulette table, demolishing it and sending hotel patrons and dealers running*

Usopp: *sobbing* San~ji!!

Man #1: *pulls an old-fashioned looking tommy gun from his coat*

Man #2 and #3: *do the same*

Zoro: *half watching Sanji for another attack, he looks to the bouncers* Ah, shit.

*casino goers scatter, heading horrified to the exits*

Usopp: *follows Zoro's gaze, his mouth opening soundlessly* ... !!

Sanji: *turns, eyes shadowed... he lifts his foot again, oblivious to the threat*

Usopp: *runs to Sanji, smacking his shoulder* GAH~ ! Cut it out!! Both of you! *pushes Sanji, looking at Zoro* Just-- just this once-- RUN~ !

Zoro: *grits teeth, looking at Sanji as if for permission* ...

Sanji: *eyes still shadowed... he drops his foot suddenly, rolling his shoulders* Tch... let's take this outside, baka-marimo...

Zoro: *grins* Heh. Fine with me.

Usopp: *his shoulders slump, tears running down his face* Thank you! Thank you! *runs for the door*

Man #2: *opens fire on Usopp, sending a line of automatic bullet spray into the doors, shattering the glass* Where do you think you're going?

Man #1: Seems to us that you're not the usual trouble-causing garbage... *keeping his gun trained on the ready-to-sprint Zoro...* I thought I'd seen you somewhere, shortie. *pulls a Wanted poster out of his inner coat pocket, unfurling it with a snap* Roronoa Zoro. *whistles* That's a nice bounty. And you know what the boss likes?

Zoro: *grimaces distastefully* Money?

Man #1: You're quick on the draw. *raises gun* Unfortunately, I'm quicker.

---to be continued!!---

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