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Sanji, Chopper, and Iva during the whole 'rescuing a llama' business...

((My apologies for hijacking Chopper and Iva.))

Sanji: *walking with Chopper and Iva in a less commercialized part of the city, still on the look-out for thugs and whatnot. He offers his arm to Iva, smiling* You seem a bit tired, Iva-chan... is everything alright?

Iva: *smiley-eyed, though she leans on his proffered arm* Arigatou, Sanji-aniki. I'm fine... it's just a little warm here.

Chopper: *in walking-point form on Iva's other side, a package filled with groceries on his back* Ah, that's right, Iva... you're from a Winter Island, just like me!

Iva: *nods* ... I've never left the island before. I didn't realize how hot it could get.

Sanji: Hai, Iva-chan. Largo is a Summer Island. It must be a shock. *a little put-off by the whole 'big brother' thing*

Iva: *sweatdrop* Not as big a shock as some of the things that've happened recently... I have become a pirate after all.

Sanji: *nods* And sailing on the Going Merry is far from 'normal', even for pirates... *looks around, spotting a small open-air cafe* Oi, Chopper, why don't we stop and let Iva-chan rest a bit? I really don't think we'll be spotted this far from the casino.

Chopper: Good idea, Sanji... *tilts his head to look up at Iva* We don't want you getting heatstroke and fainting again.

Iva: *sweatdrop* ... gomen, doctor.

Sanji: *leads Iva to a table, pulling out a chair for her* Would you like something to drink, Iva-chan? My treat.

Iva: *shakes her head* I really hate to be a bother, aniki...

Sanji: *touches her shoulder lightly* It's not a bother, Iva-chan. I barely spent any of my money last night because of the... trouble we ran into. And I can't think of a better way to spend it than on a beautiful lady like you.

Iva: *sweatdrop* Anou-- if you insist, aniki... how about a raspberry iced tea?

Sanji: *he takes the groceries off of Chopper's back, setting them on the ground next to the table. He bows slightly to Iva* As you wish, Iva-chan~ ! *goes to get her drink*

Chopper: *transforms to brain-point and hops up on a chair next to Iva* Are you really feeling alright, Iva? You've been doing better lately, but you still shouldn't overexert yourself.

Iva: I'm fine... *looks away, staring into the crowded streets* I don't want anyone to worry about me...

Chopper: *sits down on the chair with a -huff-, arms crossed* It's my job to worry about my nakama, Iva. *frowns, looking at his feet* But I know what you mean. I hate to feel like a burden to everyone... *smiley-eyed* Which is why I always just do my best. *serious* And if you don't want me to worry, you should just tell me if you're not feeling well, so that I can try and make you better.

Iva: *leans over suddenly and hugs him* Oh, Chopper... thank you. *lets go, sitting back in her chair*

Chopper: *blinkblink* Anou-- *blinkblink... smiley eyed again* Asshole, that won't make me happy at all~ !!

Sanji: *comes back, punching Chopper lightly on top of his head* Baka, don't call Iva-chan that... *sets her drink down*

Iva: *takes a sip* Oishii~ ! Arigatou, Sanji-aniki!

Sanji: *sighs* ... *looks across the street* Oi, Chopper... there's a medical supply store right there. *points*

Chopper: *hops up to stand on his chair, looking where Sanji is pointing* Oh, good! We can go there after Iva's done with her drink.

Iva: *waves one hand back and forth* That's silly... we're supposed to be hurrying. You two go get what we need, and I'll stay here, out of the way and in the shade.

Chopper: *glances hopefully at Sanji, obviously eager to see what the store has to offer*

Sanji: *frowns slightly* Are you sure, Iva-chan?

Iva: *smiley-eyed* Of course! You need to stop worrying so much. *hand to bicep* I can take care of myself. *gestures at the cafe* Seriously... I'm drinking iced tea and guarding the food, not storming a casino. *arches an eyebrow*

Sanji: *sweatdrop* Right... we'll only be a few minutes, Iva-chan. Come on, Chopper. *starts across the street, bowing his head slightly as he lights a cigarette*

Chopper: *hurries to catch up, looking up at Sanji and frowning* ... I wish you'd let me take a look at that, Sanji. *touches his own temple, indicating where Bouncer #3 hit Sanji in the head during the brawl*

Sanji: Tch... I'm fine. *slides his hands into his pockets, looking up and away from Chopper* Let's just hurry up and get what you need to fix that shitty idiot's arm so we can get back to the ship.

Chopper: *nods, smiling slightly* Hai...

Sanji: *opens the door to the shop for Chopper, following him inside* And I really don't feel right about just leaving Iva-chan over there...

Chopper: *eyes widening as he sees what Largo has to offer as far as medicines go* She'll be fine, Sanji... I'm sure she'll come over here as soon as she's finished her tea... *wanders deeper into the store*

Sanji: *starts to follow him* I hope so...

Clerk: Excuse me, sir... *taps Sanji's shoulder* There's no smoking in here. *wrinkles his nose* And it's a terrible habit... any doctor should tell you that.

Chopper: *sweatdrop*

Sanji: *snorts, blowing out a streamer of smoke, and ducks back outside... he waves to Iva, who waves back, though her eyes are oddly heavy-lidded and her shoulders are slumped... Sanji frowns nd finishes his cigarette, heading back in* Oi, oi-- Chopper... Iva-chan isn't looking so good. Are you almost done?

Chopper: *walks up to the counter in heavy-point form, his arms full of 'doctor things'* Just about, Sanji. *looks at Sanji, smiley eyed* There's a lot of relly great stuff here... it's too bad we have to leave so soon.

Clerk: *wide eyed, mouth open slightly*

Chopper: *peering around the pile as he sets it on the counter* Excuse me, Ojisan... we're in bit of a hurry.

Clerk: *nods slowly and starts to ring him up*

Sanji: *not really paying attention, he looks around the shop, musing over it's similarities to a specialty cooking shop... there's a slight commotion outside that draws his eye, but it seems far enough away from them [and Iva] not to warrant much notice.*

Chopper: *pays and takes his new bundle with a smile* Thank you very much! *walks over to Sanji* Okay, we're all set. As long as everyone can stay out of trouble, we should be okay for a while.

Clerk: *shakes his head, putting the money Chopper just paid him into the register* ... a reindeer doctor. *he says quietly* Thought I'd seen everything after that talking alpacca the other night, but this-- *shakes his head again*

Sanji: *holds the door open for Chopper* Good... not that we're likely to stay out of trouble lo-- *his eyes widen and he starts across the street suddenly, cutting people off* Iva-chan? Iva-chan?! *looks around wildly, but doesn't see her* Oi, Ossan! *he yells at the man behind the cafe counter* The girl that was here... where did she go??

Cafe-Ossan: *slow blink* Your little sister, sir? *points down the road* She went with your other friends to the Flower Festival in the Temple District.

Sanji: *looks at Chopper* Our other friends?

Chopper: *looks back* Flower Festival?

Cafe-Ossan: *nods slowly* Hai... a mysterious woman and a swordsman.

Chopper: *sighs, shouldering the food pack as well* If it was Zoro, then she'll be fine...

Sanji: *frowns slightly, lighting a fresh cigarette* With Robin-chan there, of course she will... but whydidn't they come get us? *fumes* Bet that shitty swordsman left me out on purpose... First with Nami-san and now Robin-chan and Iva-chan. That cad...

Chopper: *sweatdrop* We should get back to the ship... they probably won't be gone long.

Sanji: *his shoulders slump* Hai, Chopper... *sighs*

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